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Why Pay Tax Attorneys' Fees?

Wall & Associates, Inc. is an administrative tax resolution company founded by a tax attorney focused on helping taxpayers reduce, remove, and resolve unpaid Federal, State and city unpaid tax liabilities for individuals or businesses. If you have unpaid, unfiled or other tax issues and problems, our team of tax professionals are the alternative to expensive attorneys' fees.


Affordable Alternative to a Tax Attorney

You do NOT need a tax lawyer to solve your administrative tax problems. For one, hiring an attorney may be more expensive than necessary. Some attorneys require retainers, while others charge “hourly” fees. Second, many attorneys represent clients in a broad range of areas, and do not concentrate on tax resolution only, as we do.

We at Wall & Associates help people who are in trouble. It is our number one goal to get them in good standing with the Federal, State, or local tax authorities in a reasonable manner that makes financial sense for our clients. Then, we work hard to negotiate a final resolution to their past due unpaid tax liabilities and get their lives back to normal once and for all. Finally, it is our objective to put our clients on the path to remain in good standing with the tax authorities going forward!

We have been able to reduce our clients' unpaid tax liabilities by over $150 million dollars!

We provide personalized attention to the details of each case, representing our clients in all dealings with the IRS to attain the best outcome and relief for our clients.

Approximate Taxes Owed: $18,199.81

Settled for: $6,110

Client resides in Marion, SC. - Federal Withholding with Penalties & Interest Added.

Taxes Owed: $188,689.55

Settled for: $30,616

Client resides in Street, MD. - Federal & State of MD Withholding with Penalties & Interest Added.

Taxes Owed: $137,517.00

Settled for: $11,681

Client resides in Houston, TX - State of New York Sales & Use Tax with Penalties & Interest Added.

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Why Hire Wall & Associates?

  • We know the tax rules and IRS internal procedures.
  • We know how to argue the facts, the rules, and the procedures.
  • We are known among and credible with IRS agents.
  • We have extensive IRS experience so we know how the IRS thinks.
  • We know the limits of IRS discretion.

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"Wall and Associates, Inc, it is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that I write this letter to you and your colleagues at Wall and Associates, Inc. No one ever wants the task of having to deal with the IRS. Even though we ended up filing for bankruptcy, the IRS continued relentlessly with their pursuit. My husband and I entrusted Wall and Associates with our problem. The expertise of you and your staff for not only working diligently throughout the process of helping us, the result was outstanding beyond belief in our favor. My husband and I cannot thank everyone at Wall and Associates enough for giving us our lives back. You can be assured if anyone mentions that they have a problem with the IRS, I will be adamant that they contact Wall and Associates.

Mrs. Pat

"We will never be able to thank you enough, Wall & Associates, Inc., for all you have done for us both professionally and personally. Your words of encouragement and generosity have been a great help to our spirits at a time when it was really needed."

Fran & Ed A., Chantilly, Virginia