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There are many tax services providers on the Internet who offer to submit your Offer in Compromise, but you should know that these providers do not complete the forms. Rather, they have you fill in all the forms and then they will simply forward them to the IRS.

These cut-rate "experts" do little more than pass forms between you and the IRS. Anyone can mail in an IRS form. Such "service" is not professional tax representation.

Here is the Wall & Associates, Inc. difference:

1. We have reduced the amount our clients owe the IRS by over $150 Million dollars!

2. We advise taxpayers on the numbers. This is critical because, to the extent that you have assets in excess of liabilities, the IRS is not likely to accept an Offer in Compromise that is less than the net value of your assets.

Example: If you think that you have a net equity of $83,000 in your home, and you note $83,000 as the net equity value of your home, the IRS is likely to argue that your Offer must be at least $83,000 (assuming no liabilities in this example). But an argument can be made that might reduce that $83,000 to zero or some other low number and, therefore, reduce the Offer by $83,000.

3. We have the requisite skills gained through thousands of Offers in Compromise.

4. We are able to advise you on evaluating your assets and liabilities. For example, we will work with you to best determine your net equity in your home, on how to calculate your income and expenses, and advise you on the amount of the Offer you should make.

We have the level of seasoned experience necessary to best argue your case.

  • We know the tax rules and IRS internal procedures.
  • We know how to argue the facts, the rules, and the procedures.
  • We are known among and credible with IRS agents.
  • We have extensive IRS experience so we know how the IRS thinks.
  • We know IRS procedures.
  • We know the limits of IRS discretion.
  • When necessary, we can write a technical memorandum on the facts and the IRS rules and procedures to accompany your request for an Offer in Compromise

5. We know when to take the Offer to an Appeals level.

  • We know why an Offer should be taken to Appeals.
  • We know the Appeals procedures.
  • We know the discretion that an Appeals Conferee has and how to present an Appeals case.

6. We were founded by a distinguished, nationally recognized tax expert.

Think about it: the issues of your case are based on facts and IRS regulations. We know how to interpret the regulations to best protect you so you can come away with the best and lowest Offer.

7. We are not intimidated by aggressive IRS Offer Specialists.

The fact is that the IRS may take advantage of a taxpayer who represents himself, and likewise, if the taxpayer's advocate is weak.

If the IRS can push and intimidate, they will push and intimidate.

IRS Offer Specialists generally have "collection backgrounds" -- they want to collect as much money as possible.

We have been able to reduce the amount our clients owe the IRS by over $150 million dollars!


Tax professionals including Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and/or Tax Practitioners


We provide personalized attention to attain the best outcome and relief for our clients.


In most cases we are able to settle your unpaid tax liabilities for a fraction of the amount due.

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