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Liens Can Destroy Your Good Credit!

If a tax lien has been filed against you, your tax problems are not "going away" by themselves and the passage of time will only compound matters! This is a serious situation that must be dealt with as soon as possible.

The federal government is quite aggressive in the collection of taxes that the IRS alleges are owed.

Filing a lien is one of the first steps in the collection process. The next are telephone calls, a personal visit, seizure and sale of your assets and businesses at tax auctions - often for only pennies on the dollar - IRS wage levies and instant withdrawals from your checking and savings accounts, and garnishment of a significant portion of your current earnings, making it difficult or impossible to pay your bills.

Federal tax liens are routinely picked up by the credit bureaus and included on your credit report. These liens can destroy your good credit, making it impossible to borrow money to pay the alleged taxes owed.

Be Extremely Concerned When Tax Agents Contact You!

The IRS will attempt to first contact you by mail and then by telephone.

The notices by mail are very important. They afford you certain rights that must be acted upon within a specific time period in order to preserve those rights.

Telephone calls come from IRS personnel well trained in how best to elicit information that will work to your disadvantage, including information that can later be used to seize your possessions and assets.

IRS agents may also attempt to lure you into an installment agreement. When "offered" what appears to be a way out of the serious problem, a taxpayer often jumps at the chance to obtain the installment agreement.

However, because IRS procedures may apply your payment monies first against the outstanding penalties and interest, if your payments are too low you may never pay off the tax burden itself!

On the other hand, if your payments are set too high you may be unable to keep up in making them and so default on your agreement.

IRS personnel are well aware that over 99% of all installment agreements are defaulted upon. That's when the full wrath of the IRS will fall upon you.

Promises May Mean Nothing; Do NOT Sign Any Forms!

These same IRS personnel will also attempt to send you forms to complete and return. One form, a waiver, is highly detrimental to your case -- it extends the period during which the IRS can collect the tax. Do not sign this or any other form.

Moreover, you will seldom be dealing with the same IRS employee. Therefore, what one employee promises you may not be respected by another member of the IRS. These employees have very little authority; their only function is to increase the power of the IRS to collect tax -- to your detriment.

You Have a Right to Tax Representation

However, the Internal Revenue Manual and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights require that IRS employees respect your right to obtain tax representation. Therefore, do not discuss the matter with any IRS personnel.

Once you have obtained our tax representation services, the IRS cannot contact you. Thereafter you will not be required to have any personal contact with the IRS whatsoever. Accordingly, you should contact us as soon as possible; delay only works to the advantage of the IRS.

Our work is limited solely to representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service Collection Division and/or their state's Department of Taxation.

We will see to it that all your statutory rights, and those afforded by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and the Internal Revenue Manual, as well as other procedural rights, are protected.

We will also minimize the amount of tax, penalties, and interest you ultimately pay by analyzing your financial and procedural position, and choosing the proper negotiating strategy and procedural argument.

Even if you do not dispute that the tax is due, but you are simply unable to pay the tax, we can assist you.

Led by a Master in Taxation and Staffed by Tax Professionals

Wall & Associates, Inc. is one of the nation's leading tax representation and negotiation firms. We limit ourselves to representing the interests of taxpayers in IRS controversies and we are proud of our impeccable record of service to thousands of taxpayers.

Wall & Associates, Inc. limits itself to defending the interests of taxpayers in IRS administrative controversies. Wall & Associates, Inc. employs professionals from many different fields in order to draw upon their respective areas of expertise in resolving your problem. If your problem goes beyond an administrative IRS dispute into an area of law or for lawyers, we can identify that fact so that you can decide how you want to proceed.

We were founded by a distinguished tax attorney with a Masters in Tax Law and more than 30 years of experience representing clients in IRS disputes. Our offices are located nationwide. Your case will be reviewed by tax professionals even including Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and/or Tax Practitioners when necessary. (This is not a legal solicitation. Results may vary.)

We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your tax problems so that we can begin a process that will give you peace of mind, effective management and resolution of these problems, and restoration of your good credit standing.

There will be no charge for an initial confidential tax consultation. Receive the IRS tax help you need today to get started on solving your problem.

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